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Leadership communication for women in property

22 October 2018

Property needs more women in leadership roles. This bespoke workshop helps property companies maximize their competitive advantage through developing the role women play in business excellence and productivity, adding to their business effectiveness and leadership potential.

The workshop develops your talent pool of women leaders, ensuring your company is equipped for gender equality; adding economic benefit to your organisation. The course also provides an excellent forum for developing business relationships with peers and establishing a network of advantageous contacts.

International research shows top companies employing senior women achieve and maintain competitive advantage ahead of those who don’t. A variety of elements can get in the way of women finding their place in business including structural obstacles, lifestyle issues, and embedded institutional and individual mindsets.

This workshop assists women in property develop their individual leadership communication, improving their leadership potential so they can step up to take on roles that will progress their business. Delivered since 2012, its success comes from the bespoke nature of the program; sculpted to address the specific needs of individuals in each group of attendees. The result provides best outcomes both personally and within the business.

The Workshop

Over one full day and one half day, participants gain insights into their own leadership style and behaviours. Within a select group of peers, they learn constructive approaches to professional interaction, including handling the conflicts that come with a leadership post. Practical topics include:

  • Discovering and shaping personal leadership style
  • Developing an action plan to achieve individual professional goals
  • Presenting confidently as well as competently
  • Managing difficult conversations and dealing with difficult people
  • Improving others’ perception of your leadership competence
  • Individual and group coaching to develop leadership reputation

Individual and group instruction demonstrates the impact of different behavioural styles in leading others. Participants build confidence in leadership within their organisational role.

Who should attend?

The workshop is for women in Property who wish to develop their leadership potential.

  • Managers wishing to build and develop leadership skills
  • Directors and senior managers wanting to advance to Board level
  • Women at all levels to realise their strengths and improve their professional potential.

Date and time: 29-30 Oct 2018, Day One - 8.30am -5.00pm, Day Two - 12.30pm - 4.00pm
Location: Property Council Office - Level 4, 10 Moore Street, Canberra ACT
Costs: Members - $1450, Non-Members - $2175

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