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Canberra Region Local Industry Participation Policy

The ACT Government is introducing the Canberra Region Local Industry Participation Policy (LIPP) to ensure competitive local businesses are given every opportunity to compete to bid for government contracts.

From 1 January 2017, new ACT Government procurements will apply the LIPP.

The LIPP has been developed in consultation with local industry sectors, including the construction, ICT and community sectors.

Under the LIPP, and depending on the value of the procurement, ACT government departments and entities must consider local capability and take into account the broader economic benefits for the Canberra Region when determining the best available procurement outcome.

Organisations bidding for ACT Government procurements will be required to submit an Economic Contribution Test or Industry Participation Plan with their bids to demonstrate the potential economic benefit for the Canberra Region.

For higher value procurements, the successful bidder will need to report on local industry participation outcomes as part of the contract terms.

Consultation is continuing with industry sectors on the Draft Respondent Guidelines for the LIPP.

If you have any comments on the Draft Guidelines, please contact the Local Industry Advocate at:

Questions or comments on the LIPP can be addressed to:

Source: ACT Government


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