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Canberra’s first zero emissions office block to house ACT government

Employees of the ACT government will be located in Canberra’s first carbon neutral building, with designs revealed by developers Doma for a 5-star NABERS Energy rating building in the city’s centre.

All of the energy used within the building will be via electric appliances and plant equipment. By shifting services such as the building’s heating and cooling systems to electricity, avoiding the use of gas, the building can take advantage of the fact that 100% of the ACT’s electricity will be sourced from renewable sources, and therefore have no associated emissions.

“The solution being adopted for Dickson provides both heating and cooling for the building using a combination of water cooled and air cooled heat pump chillers which have the capability to reverse their mode of operation and provide either chilled water of heating hot water.”

In addition to setting a goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2020, the ACT government, it also set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in government operations by 2020. The carbon neutral government goal covers emissions from government buildings and schools, as well as the public transport system.

“The ACT is already a leader when it comes to energy and we’re on track to have 100% renewable electricity by 2020. But to reduce the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions to our target of net zero by mid-century, we now need to focus on other sources of emissions, and the built environment is a key area,” Rattenbury added

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Credit: Michael Mazengarb

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