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ACT 10 year education strategy released

The ACT Government has recently launched the Future of Education Strategy which outlines a 10 year plan for education in the ACT. This strategy provides a roadmap to ensure our continued focus and investment to achieve the very best future for all ACT’s children―whether they attend government or non-government schools.

The ACT Government believes every child deserves a great education and the life chances which flow from it. For this to happen, the education we provide must support all children to achieve by responding to the needs of each individual.

The government developed this strategy through a big conversation with the community including students, teachers, parents, and members from the broader community interested in progressing education in the ACT. Around 5,000 people participated, with almost half of those being students.

It was great to hear from so many enthusiastic young people, to be welcomed into their classrooms and listen as they freely shared their experiences and hopes for the future. A stand out theme was more personalized, relevant learning and this mirrors current national and international research findings. At the core of the Future of Education Strategy is an acknowledgement of the human diversity among students, placing them at the centre of their learning.

Another strong theme in the community conversation was the need to further support and value our teachers. The strategy recognises that quality teaching is one of the most critical factors in achieving student outcomes and mitigating disadvantage. The strategy is set out with an awareness that teachers are expert professionals highly skilled at working with their students to lead them through their learning journey. Education in the ACT will take a structured approach to providing appropriate instructional leadership and support and ensure a focus on delivering quality teaching, in every classroom and learning environment.

The strategy also focuses on building strong communities for learning. While the core function of schools is to provide education, they are also key community hubs that can bring people and services together to meet the diverse needs of children and their families.

The government is committed to providing consistent, equitable and quality outcomes for each ACT child and young person and this strategy will help guide our efforts and investment across the next 10 years.

The Future of Education Strategy is available at

Source: Yvette Berry, MLA | Media Releases

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