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ACT Government Key Capability Area Grants Funding Program

Applications are now open for the 2017-18 ACT Government Key Capability Area funding round.

A total of $750,000 is available for projects that make a major contribution to the development of the ACT’s key opportunities from priority sectors including:

  • Cyber Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Space and Spatial Information
  • Plant and Agricultural Sciences
  • Healthy and Active Living (Preventive Health)
  • Further Education Partnerships

Specifically, projects that will:

  • Clearly identify how they will catalyse the development of the priority sectors;
  • Develop national and international competitiveness in the identified priority sectors;
  • Contribute towards attracting and facilitating high quality investment to Canberra;
  • Promote collaboration between government, industry and Canberra region higher education and research institutions.
  • Leverage co-investment of ACT Government funding; and
  • Demonstrate clearly defined and measurable outcomes.

The Fund has an allocation of up to $750,000 in 2017/18. Applications for funding under this program must demonstrate clear alignment with these objectives.

As in the previous year, the funding will be allocated to a small number of projects only.

Applicants may apply for an amount up to $750,000 but need to be mindful of the matching cash requirement discussed below.

Funded projects need to be completed within 12 months from when the Deed of Grant is signed.

Deadline for applications – 5pm, Friday, 9 March 2018

For more information regarding this program please contact:

Sean Kelly - Manager, Innovation Policy and Diversification Strategy Team

Innovate Canberra - Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Phone 02 6205 8602 or Email

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