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ARENA Investment Plan 2019

In a bid to sharpen its investment focus, ARENA funding will be directed towards three investment priorities.

The ARENA investment priorities reflect the pace and progress of the energy transition:

  • integrating renewables into the electricity system
  • accelerating the growth of a hydrogen industry
  • supporting industry to reduce emissions

Integrating renewables into the electricity system

Under this priority, ARENA will look towards funding for:

Accelerating Hydrogen

Under this priority, ARENA will look to fund:

  • Feasibility studies for projects involving 100+ MW electrolysers
  • Commercial-scale deployments involving 10-40 MW electrolysers in industries and applications with high potential demand for hydrogen
  • Demonstration-scale projects involving 1-10 MW electrolysers being deployed in new applications such as transport or remote area power systems with onsite hydrogen production and fuel cells or turbines to drive commercialisation of component technologies
  • Projects and activities that support the forthcoming National Hydrogen Strategy.

Support Industry to Resuce Emissions

With industry accounting for 40 per cent of all energy used in Australia, accelerating the uptake of renewables in this sector is critical to helping meet emission targets.

ARENA will help Australian industry reduce emissions by investing in innovative and replicable technologies and processes that increase the adoption of renewable energy (including renewable electricity, renewable fuels, solar thermal, hydrogen and bioenergy).

To this end, ARENA is looking to show how renewable energy and enabling technologies can reduce energy use, cost and emissions, and increase energy productivity, to inform pathways to energy transition for target sectors and industries particularly for process heat, and to increase collaboration, build skills and capability and demonstrate key technologies.

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Credit: ARENA

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