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Canberra on Infrastructure Priority List

Canberra must build east-to-west capacity in its public transport network in the next five to 10 years in order to reduce future congestion, Australia's independent infrastructure advisory body has warned.

Infrastructure Australia has again pointed to Belconnen-Civic-Queanbeyan as one of Canberra's worst transport corridors, including bus transit ways connecting the centres on its $55 billion infrastructure priority list.

The bus routes were placed on the list in 2016, but in its latest assessment, the agency said the combination of "limited" public transport network capacity and a high reliance on private vehicles was causing the transport network to suffer from increasing congestion.

"Congestion is likely to be exacerbated by projected significant population growth," the report said.

Infrastructure Australia's executive director of project advisory Anna Chau said she was not "advocating any specific modes" of transport but that the corridors had "options for further improvement".

"We want to get more out of that bus network because what we're seeing is limited public transport capacity," Ms Chau said.

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Source: Canberra Times

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