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Canberra Slow Fashion Market

17 August 2019

The recent Fashion Revolution White Paper characterised the mainstream fashion business as broken — overseeing the systematic exploitation of workers and the unsustainable use of our natural resources. Australia's relationship to fast fashion is sobering. Over 90 percent of the clothes we buy are made overseas, and each year we send around $500 million worth of clothing to landfill, with some estimates suggesting that 85 percent of the new textiles we purchase are sent to the tip.

Slow-fashion aims to put the brakes on the pace of over-production, over-consumption and over-disposal of garments, by instilling an awareness, appreciation and connection to the process of quality and ethical production. The Slow Fashion Market carefully curates the best in local established and emerging sustainable fashion, giving the public easy access to multiple labels under the one roof.


When: 10:00am-3:00pm, Saturday 17 August 2019

Where: Albert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Avenue Yarralumla ACT 2601

For more details please visit their website here

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