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Corang Sustainable Precinct

Corang Sustainable Precinct is an exciting eco-friendly property development proposed for a location near Braidwood in Southern NSW. It will incorporate solar energy, large-scale food exports to Asia and low-cost housing.

The precinct will combine large-scale food production (for export) with renewable energy and affordable housing. It is focused on innovation and sustainability. This works to fix a number of growing issues such as the broken housing market, rising demand in Asia for high quality foods and the impacts of climate change.

A range of house types and sizes are proposed for the Precinct. All will be constructed using Nu-Rock and will have double glazing and other insulation. They will be affordable and very energy efficient.

Corang will actively encourage new business with capital and expertise with a specific focus on food exports to address to growing demand for food imports in Asia.

Corang will produce up to 200% of the energy required. Corang will be a net exporter of energy with its own 15 MW solar plant with storage. It will be one of the largest mini-grids in Australia.

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