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CSIRO Identifies $25 billion of Opportunities in Food and Agribusiness

CSIRO has idenfied in its most recent analysis of its 2017 Roadmap, some $25 Billion of oppurtunities in the Food and Agribusiness sector by 2030.  The goal to grow our share of emerging food markets complements the National Farmers' Federation strategic target to reach $100 billion in farm gate output by 2030, which similarly expects a growth rate of approximately four per cent per annum.

These opportunities are driven by growth in Asian-Pacific markets and consumer preferences for sustainable and natural foods.

One of the largest chunks of the $25 billion pie is fortified and functional foods. This opportunity includes foods and beverages that contain added health ingredients and nutrients for intended nutritional benefits. Examples include probiotics and omega-3 oils added to yoghurt and milk and antioxidant rich breads, cereals and beverages.

Alternative proteins, foods that are consumed as substitutes to meat as part of one's diet, could see high growth with products such as plant proteins and emerging opportunities such as insect-based ingredients which are becoming more popular.

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Credit: CSIRO Futures

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