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Deciding our digital future

On 19 September 2017, the Australian Government announced it will develop a national Digital Economy Strategy.

The strategy will focus on ways governments, businesses and the community can adjust to seize the benefits of digital transformation and how they can work together to:

  • build on their competitive strengths and develop new ones
  • develop world-leading digital business capability for globally engaged, innovative, high-growth businesses of all sizes
  • drive a culture and mindset that supports lifelong learning, a global outlook, and helps to respond positively to change
  • address the ‘digital divide’ in skills and confidence to help all Australians succeed in a digital economy.

To submit views and comments on the objectives, opportunities and issues for the national Digital Economy Strategy, you can:

The full media release is available at Deciding our digital future.

Further information about the Digital Economy is available at The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

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