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Increasing Your Employability Skills for Free

I often get told by job seekers that they have applied for over a hundred jobs and never get a look in or a response.

The job market is quite competitive and employers are looking for the best candidates, the ones that have the right skills or experience to suit their needs and hit the ground running with minimal training. I ask those job seekers “are you doing everything you can to sell yourself to an employer and be competitive in the job market?”. Quite often the response is “yes”, but when you dig deeper, that is not the case at all. People aren’t doing everything they can to be competitive and quite often are waiting for something to fall in their lap without putting in the hard yards.

One of the best ways to be competitive in the job market is to increase your employability skills. Employers want to see that job seekers are trying to increase their skills and knowledge and be productive. These people will most likely get a look in before the person who is doing nothing at all, as this tells an employer a lot about their personality and potentially work ethic.

Gaining employability skills can be done in several ways, generally through education, training, gaining work experience or volunteering. Quite often this also comes at a cost too. Most job seekers don’t have the money to pay for these things, so I am going to give some advice and ideas on how to increase your employability skills with little or no cost at all. Keep in mind it is not always easy to get something for free and you may need to travel outside of your region, however, this can be shown in your resume and an employer will see the effort you have taken to increase your skills and take that into consideration when reviewing your resume.

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Credit: Jae Lear, Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre

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