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Message from the CEO

Well Saturday 1 December, the first day of Summer, dawned bright and beautiful - a perfect backdrop for Renewable Energy Community Day.

An intrepid crew of experts, renewable energy enthusiasts, RDA ACT and a family or two jumped on the bus and headed off to see solar, wind and recycling in action across the countryside. 

A big thanks again to the site managers for generously sacrificing most of their Saturday to make this possible. It’s clearly so much more than a job for these guys! 

Minister Rattenbury gave a great talk, dotted with fascinating anecdotes, sharing his vision for Energy in the ACT.

Awesome. That best describes the scale  and volume of materials processed into compost at the Veolia recycling site at Woodlawn north-east of Canberra.

For the uninitiated its aquaculture operation is also quite a surprise! Many of its Barramundi find their way to dinner tables in Canberra and towns nearby.

The company is also trialling food production warmed by recovering waste heat from it's biogas-to-energy generators.

Take-home message:  the renewable energy sector produces unexpected multipliers - and one of the most important of these is making food production cheaper - be it fish or fresh vegetables - and doing it nearby with less food miles.

RDA ACT is looking to build on SERREE's experience to support businesses and investment opportunities looking to apply renewable energy technologies across different sectors, such as water and agriculture.

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