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Message from the CEO

Inward investment attraction work is time consuming and very much a craft, learned by doing. Built on relationships, trust and an ability to connect businesses to the right local experts and potential partners. At the same time you need to have a grip on a particular business need, local capability, technology or product to make sense of the opportunity. Then conveying it in a compelling way. The small things count heavily. RDA ACT provides a high quality investment advisory service for national and international companies looking to locate in or around the ACT. For local companies we also offer a tailored practical workshops in investment readiness (for equity partnerships and Joint Venture) as well as advanced exporting or tradecraft.   

My recent conversations with some of the most successful businesses in Canberra keep driving home the effect of the lack of available lower skilled labour. Enterprises can’t fill positions or when they do employees don’t stay long. This is a critical business impediment that is a break on the ACTs economic performance. There are clever innovative solutions out there that can help.  We are championing a few and hoping to trial a number of these over the coming twelve months. If you are a business struggling to attract and retain please get in touch.

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