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Message from the CEO

Last week Regional Development Australia ACT completed a major report after six months of in-depth consultation and research both in the ACT, the region and nationally.

Our core premise is that in urban food, sustainability, good business and social impact can operate in a productive harmony. The timing is now right for a concerted systematic approach to building local food production. Food is the forgotten part of the Water*RE*Food nexus necessary for creating a truly sustainable City. It is a major emissions source which ideally should be constrained to help achieve our 2045 target. Done well, sustainable food is not only good for business, tourism, exports and jobs but will directly address the ACTs liveability, human health and inclusion policy objectives (especially food security for Canberra’s poorest).

Taking advantage of its natural and built advantages, the ACT has an unprecedented opportunity to be Australia’s leading Urban Food City and to ride a technological and design-based wave starting to sweep other major international cities. This is seeing City Urban food strategies developed to accommodate community-based farming, food business incubation through to striking vertical farms, high-tech green houses, aquaculture, food waste and biogas integration.

The findings from the report will be a major theme for next year’s Food in the Capital event 1-2 April we will be holding in Canberra in conjunction with Regional Development Australia Southern Inland. A precis of the report will be posted to the website in the near future.

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