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Message from the CEO

The release of two important new strategies for the ACT this month will continue the ACT's progress towards becoming a truly sustainable city. In the ACT Climate Change Strategy Canberrans will be supported to take more public transport, staging "car-free days", and exchange gas for electric appliances. A small but notable inclusion will be support for sustainable farming practices.   There is a lot more to the plan but the changes will bring us more into line with models already adopted in cities like Denmark. Achieving our emissions targets will require more behavior change by the community - a willingness already very much in evidence. The ACT's new Living Infrastructure Plan will also help continue to transform our City - establishing urban oases and more tree canopy to help reduce heat and improve the livability of the built environment. Congratulations to the Chief Minister and Minister Rattenbury for both these plans. We hope that these will now allow attention being drawn towards supporting the food, renewable energy and water nexus. The world's leading sustainable cities are now moving energetically in systemizing urban and peri-urban food production as a means of reducing food miles, building the local food economy, tourism, saving water and extracting value from food waste.

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