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Message from the CEO

Workforce Development (WFD) – even the term makes some people’s eyes glaze over. It shouldn’t do, as it generally not done well and takes a toll on many business’ profitability and sustainability.   It’s a big challenge and our regional and national economy will be that much less competitive, than it should be, if it’s not done better.  Its also a complex beast – covering many ‘bricks’ in a wall:  workforce planning, workplace conditions, work systems and job roles, skills utilisation, training , innovation and career pathways.  If there is a house made of those bricks – its roof is management culture and leadership. If that’s lacking, nothing else will work. Notice how training is just one part of the picture.

RDA ACT has made workforce development and skills a key part of our strategy to assist economic development in the Capital Region. 

Most businesses I meet in the ACT struggle with attraction and retention of key staff; staff turnover is often high especially at the low-skilled end of the spectrum  There are a few notable exceptions.  Those exceptions tend to possess motivated leaders, sensitive to the needs of their workforce.  They will often be innovation-focused operations; willing to listen to everyone from the most senior executive to the lowest paid or skills members of staff.

I think not a few people are scrutinising policy announcements in the Federal election campaign for more support for WFD across our industries especially for SMEs. While skilled immigration is critical, let’s not forget the model and solutions available to help the local workforce participate more in the job market and to resource innovative approaches to help make it happen.

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