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Message from the CEO

Another hectic week meeting with various organisations, businesses and researchers.  A key event was the Chief Minister’s ‘State of the Territory’ business address.  Among many interesting points was the news that the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) will be refunded for a further 3 years.  CRBIN does great work and we hope to collaborate even more closely with them in coming years. Congratulations to Petr Adamek and his team!

Our Committee will be looking at holding an event called ‘Food Chain Innovate’ in Canberra potentially on Wednesday 27th November 2019.  We would collaborate with UNSW, CBRIN, CIT and others to bring something very new and exciting to Canberra.  The event will look at the food supply chain in the ACT and surrounding region.  It will feature some of the amazing food start-ups operating here as well as feature some of our hottest food exporters and food related research/technologies.  Canberra’s food chain is vulnerable and the more that we can produce locally the better for both reducing emissions and providing a cheaper more nutritious product locally.  Striking new approaches such as vertical farming (being championed by Elon Musk’s brother Kimball) will be discussed with some of Australia’s leading exponents. Please save the date in your diaries.

Of course, part of the picture in food is selling it to hungry overseas markets!  RDA ACT is very conscious of how important it is that the benefits of trade are shared by the region and those who investing and risking their own capital. For that reason we are focusing particularly on helping local food chain players get the skills, knowledge and confidence to innovate and be successful.  There is a significant hidden unemployment pool in the Capital region masked by our low unemployment rates.  At the same time food players, such the hospitality sector, complain of not having enough people to manufacture, prepare and sell their product. We hope to secure funding to demonstrate better ways to attract, train and retain local people – with concrete job outcomes, social impact and more money in business operators pockets.

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