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Message from the CEO

We have been consulting a wide range of stakeholders to identify ways for Canberra and the broader Capital Region to lift the profile and performance of the food industry as a key sustainable economic driver. 

RDA ACT runs the ACT AgriFood Hub. We have coined the term 'AgriFood' very deliberately to highlight the fact that as a City State we are highly dependent on the entire food value chain whether it be it be farms, processors, agritech/food science, transport, food and beverage manufacturing. These lie within the Territory, across the southern NSW region and even further afield. In this context, along with our partners RDA Southern Inland, we will be working increasingly with the local movers and shakers. 

One of these, the Australian Agricultural Centre based in Crookwell, is holding an information session next Tuesday 23rd July in Canberra or for the more adventurous Thursday 25th in Crookwell. I strongly encourage you to come and learn about the Centre. It will be vital from both an educational point of view but also for trials and demonstrations for regenerative farming, innovation, skills and agritechnology; key to creating a sustainable and profitable food chain over coming decades.

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