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Message from the Director

This is just my third week in the job as Director for RDA ACT and its proven to be a real whirlwind!  Opportunities abound for helping the development of the ACT and the greater region around us in NSW. 

Our objectives are simple – more investment and more jobs.

Making an impactful contribution to the ACT continuing to achieve these outcomes is not without its hurdles.  Canberra is a ‘metro’ area but with plenty of regional challenges.

It means we take the ACT Government’s strategy for economic development very seriously and hope to continue what we have done successfully in the past - while looking to forge new paths.  Our current business planning is focusing agrifood; renewable energy; education, skills and services – as some of the areas where, we believe, we can add real value. 

We will take a leading role in some initiatives while in others we will be most valuable as a knowledge broker and intermediary. In all instances, RDA ACT will bring its expertise, independence and collaborative networks to bare on opportunities.

Our enabling functions - stakeholder engagement, collaboration, communication and knowledge management – are pre-conditions for success. We look forward to working closely with organisations such as the Canberra Business Chamber, the CBR Innovation Network and the CBRJO to shape a compelling and socially-inclusive value proposition.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat with Meredith, Matthew or I at any time.  We are always on the look-out for partners and open to innovative ideas and solutions for government and industry.


Michael Claessens

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