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Message from the Director

Hello friends of RDA ACT,

The Regional Development Australia (RDA) national forum was held in Canberra last week and brought together 55 regions to discuss regional successes and challenges. 

The Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government the Hon John McVeigh set out the Government’s expectations of regional development committees, under the funding agreement and highlighted that with so many diverse regions there is scope for many different solutions.

Some of the key messages from the event included:

  • Opportunity for RDA’s to be in the forefront of regional economic development
  • Hubs, of which our SERREE model was an important forerunner, are definitely ‘the go’ in terms of marshalling industry and government towards meeting common objectives
  • RDA’s are continuing to emerge as trusted brokers and connectors
  • Collaboration isn’t just a trendy word, it’s essential to good economic outcomes
  • RDA’s are needed to assist broker government programs and to work laterally across their own regions and others.

We are setting ambitious objectives through our RDA ACT business plan for 2018-19. We will be using hubs as a key modus operandi, in areas as diverse as agrifood, renewable energy and the regional knowledge economy. We will continue to work hard to foster more trade and investment across all industries and foster innovative ways to help meet our region’s significant skills and labour gaps.

We are a small organisation and will need to partner with many other stakeholders to help achieve our aims.  Not least of all other RDAs close to us in NSW – especially our closest neighbour, RDA Southern Inland under their able and energetic CEO Mareeca Flannery.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we are keen to explore new partnerships and collaborations.


Michael Claessens

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