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Message from the Director

Chefs, construction workers, pilots, carpenters, software engineers....why would they be in the same list? Answer: there are not enough of them and it’s impacting economic performance.

Ten years in workforce development tells me the answer to skills gaps is in selling a lifestyle, closer collaboration between businesses, better industry/school engagement, workplace culture, good data on specific business needs, and setting the bar high in innovating training and education solutions.

This is as true for the ACT as it is for much of the surrounding region of NSW.  There must be  a solution based on collaboration, less around borders and more about securing jobs.

Perhaps the creation of a major export hub through Canberra airport will be a catalyst, particularly in view of the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the ACT government and Shire presidents and mayors from across south-eastern NSW.

To export and secure investment, growers and food businesses will need a lot of support to grow their skills and of course we will need plenty of infrastructure as well. 

Everything needs to be in the field of vision including improved road access, export skills, investment attraction, cold chain technology and innovative rail proposals.



Michael Claessens

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