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National Multicultural Festival Grants

The National Multicultural Festival Grant Program provides funding to ACT based community organisations to participate at the Festival. The festival provides an inclusive and accessible platform for communities to participate, celebrate, and showcase their respective cultural traditions and heritage, though language, music, dance, cultural displays and food.

Funding Aims

The aim of this funding is to:

  • showcase the vibrancy and heritage of multiculturalism through celebrations and events at the 2020 National Multicultural Festival;
  • foster cross-cultural awareness, understanding and respect; and
  • enable ACT multicultural communities, including new and emerging communities, to celebrate and showcase their talents and traditions through cultural performances (dance and music) and in other meaningful ways.

Funding Categories

Activities under the National Multicultural Festival Grants will be considered under the following two (2) categories:

  • Cultural Activities (including independent performances/ activities); and
  • Projects coordinated specifically by Showcase Coordinators at the National Multicultural Festival, as identified by the National Multicultural Festival Team prior to the Grants round.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply please visit here

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