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Path to a Circular Economy

Camilla Staff, Goulburn Post:

Up until the 1960s, before plastic became popular, a circular economy was the norm. However, over the past few decades we have become part of a linear economy, using a 'take-make-waste' approach.

A circular economy is not just a good thing for the environment; reusing or repurposing valuable resources makes good business sense. As Veena Sahajwalla, one of Australia's leading engineers, explained, a circular economy is about getting the best value out of our materials, which in turn can lead to innovation, growth and job creation.

Olympia Yarger, founder of Goterra, collects food waste to re-purpose as fertiliser or feed for meal worms. Meal worms, extremely high in protein, are fit for human consumption and have been described as a cross between a prawn chip and a cashew. Or the Lids 4 Kids Initiative in Goulburn, which collects bottle lids for Envision Hands, based in Victoria, who turn them into new prosthetic limbs using 3D printing.

RDA Southern Inland, RDA ACT and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre are running a Circular Economy conference in February 2020, which will hopefully uncover even more great examples of businesses leading the way in this space.

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