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RDA ACT bids for ASCA Summit 2017

Regional Development Australia ACT has submitted a compelling bid to the Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA) - for Canberra to be chosen as the destination venue for the Australian Smart Communities Summit 2017.

The bid presents Canberra as Australia's ultimate smart city.  Canberra is home to a well educated workforce composed largely of knowledge workers who have a strong engagement with innovation and the latest digital technologies.

The ACT Government's Digital Canberra Action Plan outlines the aim of promoting Canberra as a city of digital opportunity - "a city of innovation and connected communities".

In a dynamic collaboration led by RDA ACT, Canberra's smart businesses and ICT and Innovation clusters will join together - with the ACT Government, the universities and the community, to ensure the outstanding success of an Australian Smart Communities Summit 2017 held in Canberra.

To view a copy of the ASCA bid submitted by RDA ACT, click HERE 

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