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RDA ACT is pleased to announce our involvement with Future Food Systems CRC

When announcing the CRC on 27 March 2019, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, said the aim of the CRC is to develop important new technologies, products and services that help solve major economic, environmental and social challenges facing Australia.  “This CRC will work across the food supply chain and incorporate innovations in protected cropping, advanced manufacturing, smart logistics and food science to underpin high value industries in agrifood hubs,” Minister Andrews said.

In addition to providing  research and development  services to participants, the CRC will assist in graduating 60 PhD students and train a new generation through relevant education programs. The broader benefits of the CRC include new science and technology related jobs and education pathways, improved community health outcomes through more nutritious, fresh food and more food-based regional tourism.

Working initially with regional stakeholders in six growing food hub regions around Australia, the CRC will analyse local challenges and design integrated  solutions that are grounded in collaborative business cultures:  farms, greenhouse complexes, food factories, freight forwarders, and services providers linked by smart logistics in well planned mosaic landscapes.

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