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RDA ACT launches Renewable Energy Industry Directory

Picture: Prof Andrew Blakers and Associate Professor Klaus Weber behind sliver solar cells (technology invented by ANU researchers). With thanks to ANU.

In late 2018 Minister Rattenbury announced the launch of RDA ACT's Renewable Energy in the ACT and South East NSW Capability Directory.

The project as undertaken through RDA ACT's South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence (SERREE) initiative with support from the ACT Government. 

This directory provides a comprehensive listing of cross sector renewables companies and organisations across the region. The directory can be downloaded here: Capability Directory (pdf)

Thanks to the ACT Government for supporting this initiative, and to all member businesses and broader industry for your support in putting this together.

The Directory will be an important document particularly in attracting businesses and investment to the ACT region. 

Click here to access a quick search network directory on the SERREE website

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