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Smart Work Report Launch

16 November 2015

Smart Work – a Productive Way to Work

The Smart Work in the ACT and Region report was officially launched in Canberra on Monday, 16 November by Dr Peter Hendy MP, Federal Member for Eden Monaro and Assistant Minister for Productivity, with the keynote address presented by Ms Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Member for Molonglo in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Smart Work presents a whole new paradigm for working – it’s about using technology to work from a location that is not a formal office – that may be from a home or teleworking hub, and potentially undertaking some of that work outside formal business hours.  It is a concept that measures the value of work based on the outcomes achieved, rather than the number of hours spent in an office.

Smart Work is a regionally collaborative initiative to progress economic development synergies across the ACT and surrounding NSW region.  The Report researchers at the University of Canberra have presented quantifiable data that underpins the value of Smart Work, recognising it as a new way of working that will boost our region’s productivity, sustainability and well-being.

Smart Work is an on-going teleworking initiative that will be collaboratively progressed by Regional Development Australia (RDA) ACT, RDA Southern Inland, and the University of Canberra, linking the knowledge economy jobs of Canberra City with the educated, ‘smart’ workforce who lives in the ACT suburbs and surrounding region – whereby the work goes to the workers, rather than the workers to the work.

Technology plays an important role in enabling Smart Work, and NBN Co’s broadband rollout – refer to theNational NBN Rollout Map 2015 and Connected Commuters report, provides ICT synergies with the Smart Work concept. It supports the Smart Work principle of ‘Work that moves out of a silo and into a network’; read more at

To view The Canberra Times article regarding Smart Work CLICK HERE

Picture of Mark Schweikert, Peter Elford, Ms Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Andrew Blyth and The Hon. Dr Peter Hendy MP

From Left – Mark Schweikert (RDASI Chairman), Peter Elford (RDA Committee Member), Ms Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Andrew Blyth (RDA ACT Chairman) and The Hon. Dr Peter Hendy MP

Picture of Dr Richard Hu and Professor Lawrence Pratchett

Dr Richard Hu & Professor Lawrence Pratchett

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