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Spotlight on Local Food Innovator Goterra

Goterra offers complete food waste management from clean organics from processing, kitchen waste and other pre-consumer waste streams, all the way to post consumer restaurant and household food wastes. Offering both collection and gate fee services, Goterra can readily support both waste management service providers collecting on behalf of their clients, as well as independent businesses seeking to recycle their food wastes.


Designed with high waste volumes in mind. Goterra’s modular unit creates waste management capacity without the hauling and trucking required with more conventional waste management systems. Fully automated, biosecure and able to manage 5 tonnes of food waste per day, the modular unit is ideally suited for factory’s, commercial facilities, events and transit stations.


Waste is managed efficiently and effectively using insects managed in automated technology. Those insects create a highly nutritious manure called Frass, a product that is suited for as a soil conditioner. The insects themselves are a nutritious source of protein and fats ideally suited as feed for Poultry, Aquaculture and Pet food.

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