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Spotlight on Local Innovator: Barbell Foods

When it comes to businesses that demonstrate a strong brand ethos, it’s hard to look past Canberra’s famous biltong.

Barbell Foods is a young Canberra startup founded in a garage by four friends with common passion for health, movement and the outdoors.

Gaining inspiration from their childhood growing up on the South African Coast, brothers Rory and Luke together with friends Matt and Tom, made their own biltong to fuel their adventures.

Biltong is a traditional South African food, where steaks are marinated, spiced and hung to dry in a controlled environment for about 10 days with no heat or cooking in the process.

The business has grown over the past three years from humble beginnings at Canberra markets to moving into a purpose built facility in Hume.

Scrolling through their Instagram, it’s clear that the brand is aligned with the real lives of the team. The content is raw, authentic and a little bit silly.

CEO and Founder Luke Rathbone says “Authenticity is something that came very naturally to us when we started. As we’ve grown, we’ve come to realise that people want to feel a genuine connection with brands and the business owners.“

For the full article please visit here, and to buy Barbell Foods please visit their website here

Credit: Canberra Innovation Network

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