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The SERREE Model

The culmination of the RDA ACT Funding Agreement with ARENA, the NSW and ACT Governments and with key industry stakeholders has been to establish the SERREE Regional Renewable Energy Industry Cluster - now a network with over a thousand engaged members, and we would like to share our learnings with other regions of Australia.

It’s been a dynamic and worthwhile journey (2014-17) and there is much to share. We look forward to helping other regional leaders to map a pathway for developing their renewable energy sectors, thereby stimulating the resulting regional economic development outcomes of particular relevance to the new RDA Charter. There is also potential to use the Model to develop other industry sectors - the comparative advantages of other regions.

The SERREE Model was presented at the Australian Regional Development Conference (ARDC) held in Coffs Harbour in September 2017 where it won the ARDC runners-up Environment and Sustainability Award. If you will be attending the Sustainable Economic Growth in Regional Australia (SEGRA) Conference coming up in Port August at the end of this month, you will also have the opportunity to hear more about the economic development outcomes that can result from adopting learnings from the SERREE Industry Cluster model.

As a precursor to releasing the SERREE Model – A Renewable Energy Industry Development Resource Kit, we now present an Introduction to the SERREE Model – click here to view the document to get a better understanding of this initiative.

The Introduction to the SERREE Model provides an opportunity for other regions to note their interest in hearing more about how they might use SERREE learnings to help develop a similarly collaborative, cluster based-approach that also appreciates the comparative advantages and challenges of each region.

If you’d like to hear more, please click here and provide your contact details. RDA ACT respects your privacy and your details will only be used for the above stated purpose.

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