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Visit Canberra - One Good Thing after Another

VisitCanberra’s new look advertising One Good Thing After Another will commence in market from 10 April 2016. Revealed to Industry at the Destination Canberra Conference on Thursday 25 February by the Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA, VisitCanberra’s new marketing position for the destination showcases how much there is to see and do in Canberra and how close all these things are to one another

Building on the award-winning Human Brochure and 101 Local Humans campaigns, One Good Thing After Another will continue to bring Canberra and the region’s, four key experience pillars and major events to life in an engaging and vibrant way.

Designed as an enduring marketing platform, from which we can evolve destination messages, One Good Thing After Another will sit alongside the well established VisitCanberra brand and whole of city CBR brand.  The diversity and proximity message will underpin all VisitCanberra’s marketing efforts to demonstrate that a weekend in Canberra truly is One Good Thing After Another. It will appeal to the consumers’ desire to see and experience more in less time and ultimately excite potential visitors, drive booking conversions and convert visitors into advocates.

The first major creative expression of One Good Thing After Another will be a series of videos titled Weekend Movie Trailers. They will provide a taste of what a weekend in Canberra can be like – appealing to a diverse range of travel moods. Each video will showcase a collection of Canberra scenes that focus in on the real moments of joy within experiences – those brief but emotionally charged seconds which create long-lasting memories. Following the movie trailers will be a video itinerary planner app, that will enable users to edit and self-select experiences to create their own itinerary to refer to while in-destination and most importantly to share with friends and family.

VisitCanberra will invest approximately $2 million, during the 2016-2017 financial year, to produce and deliver the platform. This includes the development and execution of new creative assets, paid advertising and public relations programs and activations. Industry operators and other commercial partners will be engaged to further leverage this investment.

New assets

Weekend movie trailers

Video itinerary planner app

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