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Our Region

Regional Development Australia ACT is responsible for the region that is the Australian Capital Territory.

However, as a large and growing regional city of around 380,000 people, Canberra has significant impact upon, and a high degree of socio-economic interaction with, the 200,000 plus residents and communities of the broader ‘Capital Region’.

Surrounding the ACT – and in the NSW component of the Capital Region – lies the NSW Southern Inland RDA Region. RDA ACT works closely with RDA Southern Inland to ensure a consistent approach to the Capital Region as a whole, and has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with RDA Southern Inland to help facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes.

Of equal importance to the ACT is the region that is the NSW Far South Coast (FSC). The RDAs of ACT and FSC also work closely together to ensure mutual benefit across the broader region.