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Renewable Energy Trail

An educational, self-drive tourism trail to showcase the diversity of renewable energy infrastructure sites located within the south east NSW-ACT region.

SERREE is developing the Renewable Energy Trail (RE Trail) in collaboration with key renewable energy stakeholders to position the ACT and south east NSW as Australia’s exemplar region of renewable energy industry excellence.

Guide maps and route signage will be designed to navigate RE Trail participants around the region with viewing areas and interpretive displays available at each site to exhibit the extensive array of available generation technologies:

  • hydro-electric
  • solar photovoltaic
  • solar thermal
  • wind energy
  • geothermal
  • waste to energy

The SERREE region boasts a number of noteworthy renewable energy achievements:

  • World’s largest parabolic solar thermal dish concentrator – ANU Big Dish (500m2)
  • Australia’s largest community-owned solar farm project – SolarShare Canberra (1MW)
  • One of Australia’s largest utility-scale PV solar facilities – Royalla Solar Farm (20MW)
  • World’s largest bioreactor landfill project – Woodlawn Bioreactor (waste to energy)
  • Southern Hemisphere‘s largest geothermal heat pump – Geoscience Australia
  • Australia’s largest hydro-electric generator – Snowy Mountains Scheme (4,100MW)
  • NSW’s largest wind energy generator – Gullen Range Wind Farm (165.5MW)

Variety of loops:

  • ACT – includes the world's largest solar thermal concentrator dish
  • Northern – includes NSW's largest wind farm
  • Eastern – includes one of the world's largest bioreactor landfill projects
  • Southern – includes Australia's largest hydro-electric generator

Phase 1 of the RE Trail was officially launched at Renewable Energy Day 2015 on Friday, 30 October at the Canberra Institute of Technology’sRenewable Energy Skills Centre of Excellence.

Click here to download the Trail brochure including maps of each loop. 

NB: As the above sites are located on private property, please respect property owners by not trespassing on their land. It is envisiged that sites will be open to the public on designated days each year. Join our mailing list to receive further announcements.

Listen to an ABC interview about the Trail with SERREE Director, Liz Veitch.

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