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About Us

Regional Development Australia (RDA) ACT is a peak regional development organisation which supports and collaborates with key government, business and community stakeholders to strengthen the economy of the Australian Capital Territory.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) ACT was formally established in September 2009 and since this time RDA ACT Committee Members and the Secretariat have worked together to ensure the RDA ACT is an influential regional development organisation which develops effective networks with ACT and regional stakeholders across the three tiers of government, business, industry and education sectors and community organisations.

The RDA ACT has worked to support the Commonwealth in providing Strategic Regional Plans - frameworks for economic, social and environmental development initiatives - for the ACT and region.  These living documents offer a foundation to build future Regional Plans and act as a tool to help shape the future of the ACT and its surrounding region.

Over time RDA ACT has continued to develop strong stakeholder networks and promoted the optimum direction for the ACT into the future. Projects such as SERREE (South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence) are statements to the valuable, beneficial and innovative work RDA ACT is committed to achieving for the ACT and surrounding region.