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RDA ACT Team (left - Lydia, middle - Liz, right - Craig)

Executive Officer: Liz Veitch

Liz has been with RDA ACT, and its predecessor – the Capital Region ACC, for some eight years, and during this time has acquired a deep understanding of the ACT and its surrounding NSW region – its people, special places and regional development opportunities. 

Liz took up the position of Executive Officer from the beginning of 2016 - previously Senior Manager-Projects. She is also Director of the SERREE (Regional Renewable Energy) Industry Cluster, having led the initiative since its inception in 2011.

Her role is to identify and progress economic development opportunities in this region, with current priorities being:  Renewable Energy and Climate Change, ICT-enabled Smart Cities/ Smart Work, Food and Agriculture, and developing an innovative Tourism initiative – the Renewable Energy Trail.  Liz has developed a strong and diverse network of key stakeholders across the region and works collaboratively to build partnerships and clusters to advance regional priorities, including the ACT-south east NSW region Renewable Energy Industry Cluster. 

Liz previously worked as a Drought Relief Counsellor in the region, having returned from farming to the formal workforce.  Her earlier career was in professional writing/media/public relations; she holds a Bachelor of Arts (English), and tertiary qualifications in Professional Writing and Business Administration, and core units of a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning.

Liz also manages a primary production enterprise with her family in the Burra valley.


SERREE Cluster Manager: Craig Hanicek

Craig has a diverse range of sustainability management and consultancy experience having contributed to environmental programs at all three levels of government.

Craig manages the day-to-day operations of the SERREE Renewable Energy  Industry Cluster, the progression of an earlier project that supported his role as a Project Officer. Prior to accepting the position as SERREE Project Officer, Craig was Commercial Services Manager with Alice Solar City – a sustainable energy initiative especially developed for the Alice Springs commercial sector as part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program.

He holds a Bachelor of Business and has tertiary qualifications in Business Sustainability Assessment and Carbon Accounting.

Craig is passionate about improving the sustainability of the built environment and looks forward to working together with the region’s renewable energy stakeholders to make the South East Region a national exemplar for renewable energy excellence.

Project Officer: Matthew Keighley

Matthew is passionate about sustainability and determined to support the development of sustainable energy systems in the region. 

He has completed an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at Australian National University.

Matthew has previous experience undertaking research on ACT resident’s energy behaviour and West Belconnen’s potential renewable energy solutions and is currently assisting with the SERREE initiative.


Administration: Lydia Agostino

Lydia is the Projects Officer at RDA ACT. Her background is in Human Resources, and she has recently completed her undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Canberra.

Lydia is a born and bred local which is why she is passionate about contributing toward building and planning a better place for all Canberrans and the surrounding region.