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Executive Director (CEO) and Director of Regional Development (DRD): Liz Veitch

Liz has been with RDA ACT, and its predecessor – the Capital Region ACC, for over ten years, and during this time has acquired a deep understanding of the ACT and its surrounding NSW region – its people, special places and identifying and progressing its regional economic development opportunities. 

Liz took up the position of Executive Director from the beginning of 2016, and took on the additional responsibilities of Director of Regional Development from January 2018.  Liz is also Director of the SERREE (Regional Renewable Energy) Industry Cluster, having led the initiative since its inception in 2011.

Liz has developed a strong and diverse network of key stakeholders across the region and works collaboratively to build partnerships and clusters to advance regional priorities.

Liz previously worked as a Drought Relief Counsellor in the region, having returned from farming to the formal workforce.  Her earlier career was in professional writing/ media/ public relations; she holds a Bachelor of Arts (English), and tertiary qualifications in Professional Writing and Business Administration, and core units of a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning.

Liz also manages a primary production enterprise with her family in the Burra valley.

RDA ED/CEO and DRD roles

Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer

Committee Governance and Management

  • Manage the day-to-day affairs of the RDA Committee and its personnel in a manner consistent with the Guide, the Committee’s Regional Plan and Annual Business Plan and Budget, the Funding Agreement, and its Constitution
  • Develop the RDA Committee’s Regional Plan; Annual Business Plan and Budget; Annual Report on Outcomes and Annual Audited Accounts; and associated management delivery strategies
  • Provide management advice and support to the RDA Committee consistent with the Funding Agreement and Better Practice Guide, including:
    • keep the RDA Committee informed of the status and progress of its business;
    • undertake the accountable and transparent management of RDA Committee funds under the oversight of the Chair;
    • ensure that all RDA Committee reporting and compliance requirements are met;
    • ensure that the RDA Committee operates in accordance with the applicable state or territory incorporation legislation;
    • ensure that the RDA Committee meets its obligations under the Funding Agreement;
    • implement office policies and procedures;
    • lead and develop RDA Committee personnel and be involved in the recruitment of staff; and
  • Implement decisions and activities as determined by the RDA Committee Chair or Committee.

Director of Regional Development

The newly created RDA position of Director of Regional Development (DRD) will be formally advertised in April-May 2018.  The role is to:

  • Connect stakeholders and facilitate opportunities
    • Facilitate the connection of business proponents to financial markets or other private and public sources of project funds
    • Bring together key stakeholders to drive change by identifying key skills gaps and shortages hampering growth and facilitate local industry based solutions
    • Develop, support and lead regional capacity building initiatives, including grant writing workshops and individual interventions focused on high priority projects
    • Facilitate the connection of regional businesses and industry sectors with international trade partners and be an ongoing point of contact for advice
    • Engage with regional entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders to create business forums and support networks to exchange ideas which lead to opportunities for job creation and growth
    • Promote the region’s activities to all governments, industry, business and community sectors to highlight competitive advantages and facilitate growth from new opportunities
  • Identify needs and facilitate strategic planning
    • Identify local drivers of infrastructure investment to respond to key regional infrastructure needs and support business growth
    • Communicate effectively with governments, business and regional communities to develop strategies to address service gaps to improve the liveability, viability and prosperity of regions
    • Provide linkages to up-to-date and contemporary information on best practice regional development initiatives and support regional leaders to develop tailored local growth strategies
  • Advise government
    • Provide evidence-based advice to governments on critical issues negatively affecting their region, or emerging or current opportunities that can be harnessed with strategic intervention

Project Manager: Craig Hanicek

Craig has a diverse range of project management and consultancy experience having contributed to initiatives across all three levels of government.

In his role with RDA ACT, Craig manages the day-to-day operations of the SERREE Renewable Energy Industry Cluster – a renewable energy industry development initiative in the south east NSW-ACT region.  This role includes membership development, brokering linkages across the Cluster, input to strategic planning and funding proposals, producing weekly e-newsletters, curating the website and facilitating events.

A dedicated champion for renewable energy industry advancement and capacity building, Craig utilises agile and strategic responses to identified industry needs and opportunities in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Prior to joining RDA ACT, Craig was Commercial Services Manager with Alice Solar City – a sustainable energy initiative especially developed for the Alice Springs commercial sector as part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program.

He holds tertiary qualifications in Business and Sustainability.

Project Officer: Matthew Keighley

Matthew is passionate about sustainability and determined to support the development of sustainable energy systems in the region. 

He has completed an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at Australian National University, and is currently undertaking a Masters of Energy Change also at the Australian National University.

Matthew has previous experience undertaking research on ACT resident’s energy behaviour and West Belconnen’s potential renewable energy solutions.

Matthew's role it to maintain and excite RDA ACT's social media channels - website, newsletter, instagram, and facebook events, to assist in the organisation of RDA ACT and SERREE events, and to develop sites along and manage visitiation to the SERREE Renewable Energy Trail with focus on visiting global delegations.