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Strategic Priorities

AgriFood – all of chain from production, manufactured products and food service

RDA ACT is supporting the formation of a multiform AgriFood cluster in the broader Capital Region and Southern NSW. It is being brokered by RDA ACT in close collaboration with RDA Southern Inland, other RDAs nearby and the CBRJO.  It will involve encouraging technology and innovation uptake, exporting, the establishment of food processing facilities; industrial kitchens; incorporation of food production in urban planning; and action on solving transport and freight challenges (road, rail).  This work will mean close interaction with a growing research base in agricultural technology; start up support, as well as food research and product development and anticipates working with other national food hubs which focus air freighted high value export products through Canberra Airport.

RDA ACT will:

  • In collaboration with other RDAs build industry exporter capability information and update businesses on developments/opportunities
  • Secure government funding to assist conduct of an export cluster addressing export and investment readiness, transport/logistics challenges etc
  • Deliver various services including courses in product development/export for specific industries through the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology, University of Canberra, CIT, the Canberra Innovation Network, Food Innovation Australia Ltd and Monash Food Innovation

Outcome: A multi-dimensional; multi-project industry cluster increasing exports, investment and business productivity.

To find out more about the ACT Agrifood Hub please visit the website here


Regional knowledge economy (Services, Skills, Innovation)

The ACT has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. We have a highly skilled workforce.  At the same time such success means many businesses struggle to get the people they need with the right skills to fill new positions. The situation is more difficult still in surrounding regions of NSW where attracting and retaining people seems to be a nut impossible to crack. RDA ACT has had the good fortune to inherit a nation-leading model for helping alleviate the situation through developing mobile labour pools, industry confidence improving leadership and workplace culture and the securing the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

RDA ACT will:

  • Work with Universities, CIT/training providers and regional education entities to promote work experience, educational content, work readiness, pathways and training opportunities
  • Participate in innovative employment solutions focusing on social impact such as disadvantaged job seekers e.g. disabled
  • Collaborate with providers of expertise to SMEs in skills, finance, product development and case-study local innovation

Outcome: A range of cross-hub and other projects which increase exports, investment and business productivity.